Here at Himalayan yoga resort we aim to divulge your source of delight, the spirit, the satyam(truthful), Sundaram(beautiful) and anandam(beautiful) who is beyond and the basis of all this worldwide activity, evolution and progress.

Abiwadan and welcome!!!

As an abode to Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha, Sages, Saints and Yogis, Nepal offers you incredible and marvelous natural beauty, serenity and peace. We invite you to the land of Himalayas, to Shiva's abode, come and bless yourself with never ending stream of boon of nature, spirituality and yoga.

The Saptarishis or Seven holy sages are regarded as the founders of Vedic tradition and yoga. They are naturally the most evolved light beings in the creation. Their path included the practices of fire ritual, yoga, ayurveda, austerity, strong moral code lifestyle and other mystical practices.

Here at Himalayan yoga resort we continue to keep the sage tradition by starting our day with Yagya; fire ritual and mantras. The combination of these spiritual practices results in the expansion of desired energy in the endless domains of consciousness. In the Vedic scriptures fire is the messenger between the people and their Gods.

Vedic fire ceremonies are performed for all types of occasions to let go off patterns and obstacles in our lives, to express gratitude, healing, purification of the environment and to make our goals come true.

The nearby Nagarjun Green hill range with its pure oxygen rich fresh air is guaranteed to invigorate your whole being. Besides Yoga, meditation and Spa we offer health and wellness related services like Pancha karma and integrative yoga and Pancha karma packages, Yoga retreat packages, Yoga teacher training and many more. We expect you to leave ‘'HYR'' feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed, focused and awakened. is also recommended in Lonely Planet, Nepal 8th edition, 2009 -page 410 – yoga in Nepal.

Manish Prasad Bashyal is our residential Yoga expert.

Mr. Rajan Simkhada and Mr. Anjan Kumar Thapa, the tourism professionals, manage the facility.

We contribute 3% of our profit to organizations helping to educate poor and needy children in the mountainous and rural regions of Nepal.


Find us on Lonely Planet As recommended in Lonely Planet, Nepal 8th edition, 2009 -page 410 – yoga in nepal

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