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What is Yagya (The Fire Ritual)?

The Word Yagya is derived from the Sanskrit root word 'Yuj' meaning to worship, honor, offer and sacrifice. It is considered in the Vedic and eastern texts that fire is the messenger between people and their Gods.

Atharva Veda (9/15/14) remarks:

Ayam Yajna Visvasya Bhuvanasya Nabih

Yagya is the nucleus process in the manifestation of the nature.

Yagya 'The fire ritual' has been described in great detail in eastern scriptures including Vedas, Upanishads, Geeta and Puranas. Yagya is not only a ritual or a holy divine act but also our foremost moral duty.

One may ask "How is it my foremost moral duty?"

"To give" is the core moral philosophy behind Yagya. The word Yagya literally means:

1. Praising Good Qualities (Divinity)
2. Unity (Collectiveness)
3. Charity (Donation)

The Vedic system considers Yagya as the key to attain and maintain sustainable ecological development. It's also a symbolic act encouraging and reminding us to heal and replenish the damage inflicted on the environment by us by known or unknown means. Yagyopathy (Yagya Therapy) assumes great significance in today's world where we are facing threatening challenges of ever new viral infections, psychosomatic disorders, dreaded diseases like cancer and AIDS and unabated air, water, soil pollutions.

Then why is Yagya not our foremost moral duty?

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