I am Subash Adhikari, and my yoga journey began in 2003, making it a profound and cherished part of my life. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in yoga traditions, I was fortunate to have my uncle and aunty as guiding lights on this path. Their teachings ignited a lifelong passion for yoga within me.

After completing my school education, I moved to Kathmandu to pursue higher studies, and it was during this time that I eagerly embraced the practice of yoga. I became a regular at my uncle's yoga center in Thamel, where I honed my skills and deepened my understanding of yoga's transformative power. Within a year, I took a significant step on my journey by completing a teacher training course.

As a certified yoga instructor, I began sharing the wisdom of yoga with others, teaching at my uncle's center and organizing enriching yoga retreats. These retreats took me to inspiring locations like the Royal Beach Camp and allowed me to collaborate with the Yoga for Freedom group.

In my quest for knowledge and growth in yoga, I ventured to Bangalore, India, where I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Yogic Science at Swami Vivekananda Yoga University. This academic journey provided me with a strong foundation and a deeper understanding of the science behind yoga.

Following my studies, I embarked on a teaching journey that led me across the globe. I spent time in Singapore, where I had the privilege of teaching yoga for two months. My dedication and love for yoga then led me to Vietnam in late 2013, where I joined California Fitness and Yoga Centers in Ho Chi Minh and Danang. Over the course of five remarkable years, I ascended through the ranks, ultimately serving as the District Yoga Manager.

Now, I find myself back in the enchanting land of Nepal. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been invited to teach at the esteemed Himalaya Yoga Academy. This academy is renowned for its focus on yoga retreats, teacher training courses, and therapeutic programs. Here, I not only share my extensive knowledge of yoga but also offer insights into singing bowl healing, Reiki, yoga therapy specialization, and advanced yoga practices.

My yoga journey has been a deeply enriching and transformative experience, and I am dedicated to helping others embark on their own paths to self-discovery and well-being. Join me at the Himalaya Yoga Academy, where we can explore the profound benefits of yoga, embark on healing journeys, and advance our practice together.

I look forward to walking this path with you.

Reach out to me on whatsapp/Viber/Call/Message +977 9847762073

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