Why you should come to Himalayan Yoga Academy?

Why you should come to Himalayan yoga Training and retreat center?

Nepal is the origin of eastern sacred texts, places of Sadhus, Sage, Saint, Gurus and home of the Gods like Buddha, Shiva, Padmashambhava – Himalaya, Beauty of Cultures, Lifestyles, Natures, Temples, Monastery, Farming, etc.

Qualified Leadership and Support
we have highly experienced and well knowledgeable Yoga Gurus and Healers - (Reiki, Tai Chi, Nature Cure, Aryuveda, ect…). So sit down with our experienced teachers and have a one on one Q&A session in order to upgrade yourselves.

Attempting of Yoga Retreat, Yoga Teacher Training, Massage and Spa Training, Detox package, Spiritual healing, Knowledge about Nature science, Ayurveda at one Mall

Spiritual Environment:
Away from the noise and air pollution of the city, our center rests above a lush vibrant valley sounded by beautiful gardens, local village and cultures and forest near by very close, perfect for providing the right environment for spiritual growth.

Jungle Hikes: Explore the local Jungle with its many hiking trails; meditate there to get real inner peace.

Jungle Talks: Go on a spiritual walk into the jungle with your yoga guru and take a rest for awhile listening to the wisdom of the teacher.

Natural Spring Taps: Walk down to the nearby the springs and see the running taps and villagers bathing and washing there.

Temple and Monastery: Around the centers there are Hindus temples and Buddhist Monasteries, may go there for spiritual activities morning, afternoon, or evening (Puja, chanting and kirtan).
Additional Activities Hiking: Explore the surrounding area and take a hike through the country side, visit temples, monasteries, and local villages and farm lands

Jungle Hike: 1-2hrs (round trip)

Monkey Temple Hike around 30 minutes walks which are world Heritage sites.

Cycling: Explore the country side on bike. (Cycling Packages will be made on request).

Home stay: Hike into a local village and experience Nepali culture first hand. Stay a few nights with a Nepali Family (on request).

Volunteer: Give back to Nepal for your great experience here by traveling to local villages, temples, and health centers. Spend time lending a hand on various projects.

Morning / Evening Walks: Enjoy the quietude of early morning or late evening while on a walk through the country side.

Sightseeing: Explore Kathmandu valley with a professional tour guide. 

Worldwide renowned travel advisory website--the tripadvisor.com--has listed Nepali capital Kathmandu in its top 10 best places to visit in Asia.

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