200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal 

Teacher training is the process of teaching or learning the knowledge, skills, and attitudes you need to be a teacher in an educational setting. Here at Himalayan Yoga Resort we offer you the Transformational 200 Hours Course which again has its own unique authenticity and style that will help you discover more of yourself. Our course is designed in such a way that you can acutally be able to realize the essence of Scientific Spirituality. During your training you will be able to feel the results of Pratyahara that will help you to find the most of yourself and lead you towards the path of Antah Sadhana called One Pointedness and Mediation. Our course is open to all level of practitioners as this design encompasses various levels of sadhanas which will help one to be ready in the pursuit of teaching and learning of Yoga from a new perspective.


Our 200 hrs Yoga Instructor Certification Training Offers

^ Learning the core and basics of Yoga
^ Applying the techniques of Yoga according to context
^ Specially designed sequential Hatha and Traditional Yoga Asanas
^ Deepening the Knowledge of Yoga with respect to Anatomy, Physiology and Medical understanding
^ Improving Your Personality with Personality Development and Refinement Skills
^ Advanced Yoga Techniques focusing on Strength and stability
^ Different Meditation Techniques
^ Learning to apply Yogic Philosophy in your life for a better living.



Certification from World Yoga Alliance
Accommodation (Single/ Shared) for 25 Nights
Training Manual
Cleansing Kit
Towel and slippers
3 vegetarian meals daily
Daily herbal tea
Drinking water
A Massage Therapy
Library of yoga literature (borrow for on-site reading/purchase)
Airport Pick up (other locations include charges)

The ordinary schedule of the day for classes will be as follows:

6 : 30 am to 9 am- Morning Practical
11 am to 12 pm – Anatomy and Physiology
12 pm to 1 pm- Group Discussion, Teaching practical and workshop, Business plan etc. alternate days
3 pm to 4:30 pm- Yoga Philosophy
4 : 30 pm to 6 : 30 pm- Evening Practical

• The schedule is subject to modifications
• The compensation of hours will be made for each topic on the alternate week

On 3rd day, 6th day, 8th day, 11th day, 16th day, 18th day, 19th and 21st day Teaching practical and workshop will be conducted.

On 4th, 9th, 13th, 17th, 20th, 23rd and 24th day Group Discussion, Meeting and Business plans will be conducted.


Accommodation and Pricing


Location: Himalayan Yoga Resort, Hillside of Nagarjun National Park Forest Range

Max number of Students: 10

Course starting Dates: 2nd day of every month 

Single Room with Attached Bathroom: USD 2200
Shared Room with Attached Bathroom: USD 1850/ Per Person
Single Room with Common Bathroom: USD 1700
Shared Room with Common Bathroom: USD 1600/ Per person
Bungalow for 2 or 3 Persons: USD 1800/ Per person


** Special offers are provided with respect and support to Visit Nepal 




On Lonely Planet

We are recommended on Lonely Planet, Nepal 8th edition, 2009 -page 410 – yoga in nepal

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