Himalayan Yoga Resort - Yoga in Nepal

Here at Himalayan yoga resort we aim to divulge your source of delight, the spirit, the satyam(truthful), Sundaram(beautiful) and anandam(blissful) who is beyond and the basis of all this worldwide activity, evolution and progress.

Abhiwadan and welcome!!!

As an abode to Lord Shiva, Lord Buddha, Sages, Saints and Yogis, Nepal offers you incredible and marvelous natural beauty, serenity and peace. We invite you to the land of Himalayas, to Shiva's abode, come and bless yourself with never ending stream of boon of nature, spirituality and yoga.

The Saptarishis or Seven holy sages are regarded as the founders of Vedic tradition and yoga. They are naturally the most evolved light beings in the creation. Their path included the practices of fire ritual, yoga, ayurveda, austerity, strong moral code lifestyle and other mystical practices.


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Why Himalayan Yoga Resort?

This Yoga Retreat is an opportunity for one to relax and rest in the natural presence and awareness. The natural beauty of the gardens, panoramic views of Kathmandu valley, crown forest of national park and greenery provides the perfect atmosphere for exploring one’s divine and spiritual energy.

The schedule, teaching and environment of HYR allow one to let go of the demands and bustle of daily life and to reconnect and reveal their own deeper peace and knowledge. Yoga asanas, pranayamas, dhyana, mouna, and leisure time in the natural greenery assists in letting go one's all hectic activity. As we let go of stress and the busy mind, a deeper knowing inside that is always present has a chance to reveal itself.